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We are all the same underneath​​​​​​​
Skull picture on upcycled card
Skull picture on upcycled card
Dance it out​​​​​​​
Found some gold ink
Found an old pot of gold ink and inspired to add a little glitz
With the launch of the ISS SpaceX mission I have taken a look back at some of my cosmic inspired work.
The Coffee Drinker
New work, playing with wax crayons.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
What a difference a frame makes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ruining more perfectly good old packaging​​​​​​​
Somethings brewing
I have recently been given the opportunity to display and sell some of these illustrations. The framed originals will be available plus hand-finished prints and cards. If interested in finding out more or to purchase please email me
Spacial awareness 
Fun personal piece using Winsor & newton inks on the inside of a reused cereal packet. 
Illustration of astronaught in ink
Playing with inks.
I love ink, I love the way it moves on the page, the lack of control you can find (if you want).
I like the results are not always what I expect, especially if you just let it find its own way.
Ink drawing of running horse
Ink drawing of whale
Making a splash
Sometimes the only way through Monday is a very large coffee. Just dive in
Drawing birds (and the odd Harpie).
I really enjoying drawing birds, I really like trying to get some sort of movement in to them. 
Drawing of sparrow in ink
Looking back at mythology
If you have seen my illustration page you will have noticed a couple of recent bits fo work based on the greek myths. I have a few more in mind and thinking of creating a series of prints. This is not the first time I have looked at this topic, and as part of putting together a submission I have dug out some of the previous work.
Slide in to mine!
Whist working on some copy for another client an idea struck me that I thought would work well for Dr Martins. So mocked up a little ad to get the idea out of my head!
Dr Martins advert concept
Pizza time
Can you think of a better use of discarded pizza packing than turning it in to art? 
Portrait of girl with moon on old packaging
Illustration of tiger in ink on old packaging
Portrait of cosmonaut girl on old packaging
Feathered friend
My eldest son is deep in a Harry Potter phase at the moment, and seems very taken with Hedwig, Harrys owl. So over breakfast the other day I draw him this... very chuffed that he has taken it and put it safely in his special things box. 
Drawing of Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter
Finally broken out the oils
 I have had a set  of oil paints sat in the garage for years now, but always been scared to break them open. To use proper paints feels like something serious, something that proper artists do, and I struggle with seeing myself as that sometimes. Anyway here is my first ever attempt of a portrait in oils. 
Oil Portrait by Daniel Robinson Miller

Portrait of a woman on pink. Painting, water soluble oils on canvas.

Lest we forget
For the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day I created a number of versions of this original illustration,
all proceeds made from their sale have gone towards the Poppy Appeal. 

'Lest we forget' original illustration created for Remembrance Day all proceed have been given to charity

Sketchbook catchup
Been working on a pretty huge project recently - hopefully I can say more when it is all finished, but for now you will have to wait. This has meant that I have not really had much time to just draw. However over the last couple of weeks I have managed to get away, buy a coffee and just spend a little time with the pencils. 
Illustrating short stories

Between briefs I have been working with a local author that I have been in contact with for years on social media to produce a illustrations for some of his short stories. These are a some of the latest I have just click send on. Will up date when the story is live. 

Illustrations for a short story showing Tunisian market place

Illustrations for a short story

Holiday sketches

Just got  back from a fantastic weeks family holiday in Southwold in Suffolk. We have been going there for at least the last 10 years, and even though nothing much changes that is part of the charm, but as the kids get bigger their experience of it changes every-time and therefore so does ours. So even with the kids running around, I found some time to get some sketching/drawing done. There was so much more I wanted to draw, but that is what is great about photos, I brought the inspiration home with me. 

James, Duke of York – later to become James II who commanded the Anglo-French fleet at the Battle of Sole Bay just off the coast of Southwold in Suffolk

Faces of the Southwold Sailor's Reading Room

Inspired by Adnams Broadside beer, might have been sitting on the table

Sketch of my little buddy at Southwold Harbour

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